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we provide truly prominent IT solutions.

Biometric, Barrier Gates, Car Parks, ALPR and Identification Solutions
Our Biometric Identification System works with any small, medium, or large organization that needs to monitor access to business premises, buildings inside business premises, rooms, and high security areas. The System supported the use of multiple forms of biometric measures such as fingerprints, face, eyes to identify persons.
Robotics & Mechatronics
We develop robotics and mechatronics solutions to automate your business operations. We have a team of experts who are familiar with PCB design, industry automation, Arduino programming and real time monitoring and control systems.
Experts in Microsoft & Open Source Technologies
We are developing applications that use both Microsoft and open source technologies. Our team has experience with Microsoft. NET and related technologies and open source technology stacks such as Java, PHP, Python and Node JS.
Cloud Computing and Software Developments
We use the functions of Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud for our software. Our system can easily be enhanced using cloud computing services. Our face-recognition technology is powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Amazon's face-recognition platform. We do use Microsoft Cognitive Services as part of our machine learning solutions.
Our Technical Expertise

Our technology expertise includes Microsoft, Android and iOS and other open source technologies, along with other comprehensive and innovative new technologies. We make optimal use of the information given by customers and put all our expertise in taking our clients wishes to the next level. We offer superior, innovative and robust software development solutions of any scale, type and complexity. With years of experience working in a wide range of industries, we’ve gained the necessary insight and expertise to provide solutions to challenges you face in your business environment. From consulting to custom development, our team has the expertise to assist you in every way possible. We believe that each organization is unique and together, we will address your goals while working to create solutions that meet your needs.

We are an innovative team of enterprise grade software & mechatronic solution creators. We solve problems and provide solutions using the latest technology and current research. Our solutions are practical, pragmatic and to the point. We connect software with hardware.
Our speciality is the ability to give state of the art, latest, practical and economical solutions combining hardware, software, networking and payment Apps.

Our team have expertise in the following areas and we have successfully deployed countless solutions across multiple business domains.
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