Total ERP Solutions linked with online E – Manager

Our Research shows that the present Managerial and Professional Officers lack the time to monitor and verify the work done by their work force. To rectify this issue and to make things easy for the top management, we have developed an E- Management software. You can use this software in the intranet through your network system or through the internet where you can access this system anytime from anywhere in the world.

Specialized in Smart Phone Applications with automatic SMS Alerts

All the modules will be linked with the SMS auto alerts module. According to the requirements of the client, all the important date reminders could be sent through an automatically generated SMS.

HR, Time & Attendance and Payroll

Basically the T & A software will generate reports on attendance, late attendance, over time and leave particulars. Office payroll, pay sheets, pay slips, loan amount, balance calculations, Salary advance, EPF, ETF, gratuity, Joining details, Service details, Personal details, bank details and the HR part with training are all included in the system.

Total Accounting System

With General Ledger Module, Debtors Module and Creditors Module. Auto dispatching of salaries to Banks via SLIP system and auto reconciliations.