This system will be supported by a set of NFC cards, NFC PDA and essential software. Multiple Valet counters can be placed for any number of identified parking locations. The guest can hand over his vehicle keys to the valet driver when using the valet parking facility and receive a programmed valet card. When the guest wants to retrieve the vehicle, he can go to any valet counter and handover this valet card. The valet officer scans the card on the NFC reader and the location where the vehicle was parked will receive a notification message along with a sound signal to indicate that the vehicle is ready to be picked up. The valet driver identifies and picks up the relevant valet card along with the vehicle key tag and scan the card on the wall mounted NFC reader. A message notification will appear on the screen of the Valet counter indicating the vehicle is on its way to the valet counter. The valet driver will hand over vehicle to the guest and return the duplicate valet card to the counter.

Android Device
NFC Card Reader
Valet Parking
NFC Cards